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The Rookie Thief is an Amstrad CPC videogame made with Assembly language for CPCRetroDev contest.

Tools we used to develop this game:

- Code: Visual Studio Code
- Audio & Music: Arkos Traker
- Art: Aseprite


- Antonio Ríos Vila: AI Manager, interactive objects and audio
- Yolanda Cruz Girona: AI behaviour, gameplay and art

You can find the game instructions, making of and the .cdt/.dsk file inside the downloadable .zip.
You need an Amstrad CPC emulator such as WinAPE to execute the game on Windows and Linux.



Amstrad CPC 464/464 plus

Insert the tape and check i that it is rewinded to the start. Then, type RUN" and play the cassette in order to start the reading. Once done, follow the instructions on the screen.

WINAPE with Amstrad CPC 464/464 plus profile

Insert your CDT file in the tape control. Then, type |TAPE and later RUN". After this steps, pres INTRO/RETURN to start the reading. Once done this step, wait to the emulator to load the tape.


If you have an external drive DDI-1, make sure to first turn on this unit and then the Amstrad CPC. Insert the disc into the drive, type |DISC and then press ENTER/RETURN.Then type RUN"project and press ENTER/RETURN.

(The symbol | is obtained holding down the key SHIFT and pressing @)


This game has been developed with the development version of CPCTelera. The commit version we have used is: f8a0780

Once installed the software, execute de Makefile that is in the project folder and then execute cpct_winape -a to load the dsk file into your WinApe Emulator.


The_Rookie_Thief_CPCRetrodev2018.zip 8 MB

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